Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Three Main Ingredients In Order To Write Well

I am the newbe here. But I want to try posting in English as well as I can. But sometimes it’s hard for me to realize my thought become a good composition. And now, I get the tips from Andrew Greene to share with you about what are the fundamental ingredients of good writing.

As like Andrew Greene said that in order to write well, we need to understand how these speakers organize and communicate their thought and their language.

The three main ingredients that determine the organizational patterns of our written English are subject, purpose and audience.

Perhaps the biggest hindrance to writing is not having anything to say; that is, not having a suitable subject. Good writing needs a subject that is neither too general nor too specific. A strong subject is something that you know or that you want to learn more about. Finding a hook to your interest is a large part of the writing process.

Second; Purpose. The purpose behind your writing is just as important as your subject. Simply put, you need to know why you are writing. Are you writing to entertain, to inform or to persuade? Most writing will have more that one purpose, such as attempting to entertain while at the same time trying to persuade or inform.

The final ingredient is audience, strongly affects the first two. Whom you are writing to helps you decide upon your subject and your purpose. All audiences read our writing with differing expectations. To best be understood and, more importantly, to not be misunderstood, it is vital that you keep your audience in mind as you proceed through the writing the process.

If we play with these three basic steps until we are comfortable with them we are sure to make quick progress in our written communication. How nice this info bro? Wish you all enjoy this posting as I am.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What should do and don’t by parents for their children homework.

The original composition is ‘Helping with Homework’ by Ruth Liew in one of newspaper that I ever read in several week ago. And I think it is helping me to threat ‘my children’ in their homework.

So I want to share with you all, the parents around the world what should do and don’t with their children homework. Here I made the resume from the article. Wish you all, the parent around the world can take over the benefit from my posting.

Homework definitely has a place in children’s learning. At its best, it is reinforces skill practice in reading, writing and maths without the teacher’s direct supervision. Children learn to develop independent study and organization skills when doing their homework.

On the flip side, homework in the form of “drill work” can bring about behavioral problems in children in their primary grades. Many children overwhelmed by school demand and lack of rest throw temper tantrums out of frustration.

Here’s real example. An early primary grade child was given 15 pages of writing to complete and submit to the teacher the following day. She also had to complete homework in other subjects the same day. Failing to complete the assigned homework would make the teacher angry.

Homework should be the child’s work and not the parents. But when it is too much for the child to manage, parent can step in with guidance and encouragement. If parents feel that the child has been given too much homework, they should bring it up with the teacher. Do not complain to your child. You may not be able to change the school policy on homework and undermining the teacher or the assignments can only make matters worse.

Here are a few dos and don't on how parents can help with homework as like Ruth Liew wrote:


  • Children need rest and food before they start on their homework. Organize the homework session at a time when both parents and child have had some rest and are not feeling hungry.
  • Take short breaks. You have to remember that children who have had a full day at school will be physically and mentally tired when they get home.
  • Set up homework time-able. Put the fun stuff in the schedule too. Be flexible with the homework schedule.
  • Make your homework time-able eye-catching. If attractive menus work for customer in restaurants, I am sure your child will enjoy looking at her favorite cartoon characters or pop stars decorating her schedule and dread doing her homework less.
  • When you are helping your child learn a subject, try to make it fun. Don’t make it a chore.
  • Make sure your child has a comfortable and fun environment to do her homework.
  • Children need praise and lots of understanding from their parents. No two children are alike in their speed in doing homework. Avoid comparing your children.
  • At exam time, children become nervous and tense because they worry that they will fail miserably and disappoint their parents. To lessen children’s anxiety, you may want to encourage them to learn different things to develop their skills. Children who are confident with learning skill tend to cope better in tests and exam.


  • Do not do your child’s homework for her. You may think that you are helping her but you are actually putting her at a disadvantage. She will be dependent on you to a certain extent. Her teachers will not know what she is having difficulty with and will not be able to help her when they can not gauge her progress. You can help by going through her papers when she is done.
  • Do not punish your children if she makes mistake in her homework or tests. Everyone makes mistake. Trial and error is often the best way to learn. If you want her to learn, do not demand that she gets a perfect score. Do not call her “stupid” or “careless” when she makes mistake that she should’t.

Children need a balance of work and play. It is up to parents to help organize this in their daily lives. You can schedule an hour or two for outdoor games and play so that your children can have some fun. More importantly, parents must get children to learn to take responsibility for their own tasks. Hm, so there are tips that I resume from the article that made by Ruth Liew. Wish you can get the essence and practise with your beloved children.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Fact About How Danger The Drugs Are?

The idea of this posting is after I read the Journal in one of the local newspaper with the original title ‘The lowdown on Drugs’ by Jane Raniati. In the original journal, she tells about the effect, side effect of the drugs and so on.

Here the summery I made with the different title.

Teens often find themeselves experiencing pressure from peers to try something they might not be ready for, not comfortable with, or even afraid of, like cigarettes, alchohol, shoplifting, sex and drugs.

In large cities like Jakarta and others, teens face hard choices every day, and they may be feeling pressures or urges that adult can’t comprehend. It’s not helfull to try to simply shield teenegers from these problems by telling them to shut their eyes, ears and mouths. Just saying “NO”

Young people need to know the facts and make decisions with open eye. Today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders, and you hold theh key to combating and solving serious social challenges lke these in Indonesia or in the wordl extremly.

Drugs change the way think, feel and behave with reality or being yourselfs. For example: Ectasy users say it makes them feel close to other and want dance. Peope use shabu-shabu and other stimulants to feel more energetic or excited. Marijuana makes many people feel relaxed and happy. Heroin gives a pwerfull rush, and the user doesn’t think or care about anybody or anything while they are high.

You think this sounds cool? Think again. Taking any psycoactive drugs can lead to dependence. You may soon find you can’t deal with reality without drugs.

As with most drugs, your body builds up a tolerance to it­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—this means that you need more, and more often, to get the feeling you want. That’s why people become addicts.

When their cash is gone, addicts may steal, even from friends and family, just to get their next dose. They often begin injecting the drugs to get a faster and stronger hit for a cheaper price, thus risking overdose.

In desperation, from peer presure, or just because they don’t care anymore. IDUs share needles with other user, risking infection with HIV, Hepatitis C and other dangerous diseases.

Once a person is addicted, trying to quite really hard and withdrawal can be very painful. Seeing a friend or relative who is a drug addict go through all this, and trying to help them, can be just as difficult and hurtfull.

Using drugs also brings some nasty side effects, as does some truly scary damage to your health—sometimes permanently. You probably know that smoking and drinking alcohol really damage your body, especially your heart, lungs and liver, but also your digestive system and brain, and can kill you with cancer and other diseases.

With almost all drugs, there the danger that while you are high or afterwards, you may feel deeply depressed—and this may last a long time or even become a permanent problem. Most teen suicide involves alcohol or drugs.

Hm, How danger the drugs for us? So, why should we try to ‘sucide’ by the drugs? Say ‘NO’ to drugs.

Futsal Grows In Popularity.

While some people may have started playing after their friends invited them to the game, they have continoued to play futsal for exercise and relaxation. Futsal is enjoyed by student as well as executives (As like Pak Budi May be?) and office. Futsal grows in popularity since several years ago.

And let’s see futsal deeply here. What is futsal? It is an indoor version of European football, also called soccer. The name comes from the Portuguese futebal de salao and the Spanish futbol sala, which translate as ‘indoor football’.

Unlike football, a game that needs two teams of at least 11 players, futsal involves two teams of only five players, including the goalkeeper.

The growing number of futsal fans here have resulted in the appearance of more futsal courts in the capital and in nearby cities. The management of Goals, a futsal court in one city in South Jakarta, Lebak Bulus, even increased the number of their courts from two to four to accommodate the sport’s rising popularity.

Goals also arranged a competition to encourage more people to play the game. Also it is not the profesional tournament, the enthuasiasts from the futsal fans is realy awesome. No least that 70 teams participated in the tournament.

The growing number of futsal fans and the rising popularity of the sport seem s to be a good sign of an improvement in healthy lifestyles among urbanities.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wanna Be Cool And Sexy? Be Healthy!

Honestly, the original story is written by Ade Rai. But let’s me re-write here to share with you all by posting in My Blog.

Every body wants to be cool and sexy. So what should we do to realize them? Here I wil tell you what thing can make our body become cool and sexy.

As Ade Rai say in his journal, there are 9 steps must we done to realize our body become cool and sexy. Here they are:

  1. Eat more vegetables with every meal;
  2. Choose low-fat or non-fat varieties as snacks;
  3. Minimize consumption of fried food to one-fifth of what you eat now (if you have them 5 days a week, cut it down to just 1 day a week);
  4. Eat more lean proteins (Lean red meat, chicken breast, fish, egg whites); choose low-fat ingredients and have them steamed, roasted, grilled, poached, (You may also supplement your diet with protein powder, fat-free milk, cheese or yoghurt);
  5. Minimize consumption of soft drinks; choose plain water or iced tea instead (if you need that sweet stuff , use low-calorie wseetener instead of table sugar);
  6. Beware of sugary and floury stuff. They come in all shapes and forms; Lemonade, syrup, bottled fruit juice, noodles, dumplings, pempek, cake, biscuits, pasta, siomay, rice noodles, pizza, bread and more;
  7. Work out 3-5 times a week at 1 hour each; choose your favorite sport for more enjoyment (remember to warm-upproperly and don’t go overboard with the intensity!);
  8. Sleep well; shoot for 7-8 hours every day (It’s better to have a fixed bedtime and working time);
  9. Stop smoking. If you haven’t touched that devil, GREAT! Stay away from it. If you have, stop immediatly. It does you no good whatsover, and I could spend a whole article on this alone! In brief, smoking means burning your (or your parents) hard-earned money to putt poison yourself and hurting the people you care about and love. Moreover, smoking is the gateway to drug addiction because all drug-addicts are smokers.

That all the space Ade Rai has to realize the cool and sexy body. Hope we have enjoyed it as much as Ade Rai has. And I definitely hope to be given (share) more opportunities to talk with all of you. Still then, Stay Strong, stay healthy and stay smart!